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"I didn’t want to pay the ridiculous prices that the local Audi dealership charged so turned my efforts into finding a local independent servicing centre. The car was in and out within a day and it drives as good as it did when I left the dealership the day I brought it."

"I took my little VW Polo to Unit18 for an MOT and full service. Sometimes you dread getting an MOT but on this occasion everything was safe and sound. I really felt like they took my car seriously. I will certainly use them again."

Sandra Hartwell 25th January 2017

"A really good local garage that I can trust. The MOT was completed the same day and the technician talked me through the repairs that were needed to make sure it was road safe. I never felt that I was being “sold to” and will always use them for future MOT’s and services."

Pam Whitwell 18th February 2017

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