MOT Test Changes

MOT Test Changes 2018

There are some recent MOT test changes you need to be aware of coming into place during May 2018. The new MOT test is introducing two major changes to the way vehicles are categori...

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Cold Start

Are you de icing your car incorrectly

Temperatures are dropping, and as we go into spring, we are quite likely to witness our car windscreens freezing over. You may think you have been doing it the best or quickest way...

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Car Accident

What to do in an accident

Sometimes you can’t help a car accident, especially when it’s completely not your fault. However, sometimes accidents are caused by us due to a lapse of concentration,...

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Car Saleswoman Making A Deal

6 Top Tips For Car Buyers

When purchasing a car, many different aspects need to be taken into consideration. As a car buyer, you want to ensure that you not only get yourself a great deal, but you invest in...

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Black Car

Five ways to improve your car

There are a number of ways you can modify your vehicle to make it perform better or more efficiently. Customising your car can improve not only the performance but also the look. V...

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