silver shock absorbers

A checklist for your shock absorbers

Shock absorbers perform a very important function on your vehicle. One of the main functions of your shock absorbers is to smooth or dampen the ride of your journey. Travelling in...

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careless driving

The consequences of careless driving

It has become more apparent over the recent years that careless driving is one of the government’s priorities. With drivers receiving harsher penalties for reckless driving a...

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How to tell if you have brake pad wear

As a part of your vehicle that you do not necessarily see every day but are a vital part of the running and safety of your vehicle, your brake pads should be in tip-top condition....

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Black Car

How to revive car batteries

Your car’s battery is an essential component to keep your vehicle functioning, so when it stops working, you need to know how to fix it. Although flat car batteries are extre...

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man shouting

Let’s talk about road rage

Not a single person can honestly say they have not screamed, shouted or pulled a funny face at another road user. In the UK alone 9 out of 10 people have stated they are a perpetra...

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women leaning on car

Tips for driving abroad

It is all well and good knowing how to drive in the UK but if your thinking about going abroad there are a whole host of things you need to know. Here we tell you our top tips for...

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Country Road

How to drive safely down a country road

Country roads account for almost half of the roads in the UK. However, can sometimes be some of the most dangerous roads for drivers. There are a few things you should take into co...

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