Mechanic And Customer Together

How Often Should You Service Your Car?

Suppose you’re a new driver or have recently purchased your first vehicle and need a quick answer to the question, ‘How often should you service your car?’ In tha...

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MOT Test Centre Sign

What Is An MOT?

MOTs are a vital check that ensures the safety and roadworthiness of your vehicle. They are put in place by the Government to help increase road safety awareness and security on th...

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Are My Brake Pads Worn?

Although brake pads are a component you will likely never see, they play a vital role in the functioning of your vehicle. They are responsible for reducing friction between your ro...

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Importance Cambelt Timing Belt Change

When To Change A Cambelt

Many car owners have heard the word ‘cambelt’ but don’t actually know what a cambelt is, how it works and why it is so important. In short, the cambelt plays a hu...

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Fast Car On Road

Top 6 Car Performance Upgrades

Whether you’ve invested in an older vehicle you’d like to experiment with modifying or have found that your car is just lacking some punch, there are many reasons why y...

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Unit18 Premises

COVID-19 November Update

Although we will be closely monitoring the latest government updates, garages do fall under the essential business category, which means that we are pleased to say that Unit18 will...

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The Best Way To Protect Underside Of A Car

As a car owner, there is nothing worse than being faced with unexpected repair fees when you need your vehicle to be on your side the most. From overheating to flat tires, there ar...

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Bad mechanic

What To Do If A Mechanic Rips You Off

Not all drivers are vehicle experts and have extensive knowledge on the features of each internal components. Particularly when dealing with potential repairs and replacements on y...

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