If you have an old car – the one’s that “have character” and a personality. Then, I am guessing that you must have it serviced at least once a year. As a qualified mechanic, I always advice my customers to have their vehicle checked on an annual basis if it is greater than 20 years old.

So why is that? Over time, internal components of automotive vehicles will start to corrode and wear down – it’s perfectly normal and will always stay that way. However, older vehicles parts are not easy to find these days and need a lot of care and attention if you want to keep it running.

Newer vehicles still require an annual car service but can get away with it being every 10,000 miles or whatever your manufacturer recommends. This is usually between 10 and 20,000 miles on the clock. In some cases, they may also advise that you have it serviced annually or whatever comes up first.

Use a Local Car Service Station for These Benefits

  • Ease of Location
  • Cheaper Services
  • Local Knowledge
  • Better Reliability
  • Better Communication

#1 Ease of Location

If you have recently purchased a new vehicle, chances are, the salesman that sold the vehicle to you will have offered you some form of service plan package to make sure that you “maintain your manufacturer warranty”.

However, that is not the case. You can have your vehicle serviced by any garage as long as it is a registered unit and holds the correct qualifications, both technically and through a health and safety perspective.

Using a local garage will not only make your travel time shorter, but will save you up to 50% on car servicing costs. You can book a car service in Milton Keynes here.

#2 Cheaper Services

National car garages and dealerships have a lot of overheads to worry about when it comes to covering costs. However, local businesses will have far fewer items and staff members to worry about.

National garages will need to cover costs for stocked parts as they usually purchase them in bulk, a host of wages including the CEO of the garage (most of the time, not present) as well as staff wages, transportation and a variety of overheads.

Car Service Station Local Benefits

#3 Local Knowledge

A local car service station will have better knowledge of retail store that stock certain items for your specific vehicle. However, a national garage would not be able to provide that length of customer service.

In some cases, a local car service centre in Milton Keynes will even be able to contact an alternative dealership and arrange for the parts to be delivered the very same day.

#4 Better Reliability

Many car service stations have a reputation for failing at the last minute. For whatever reason some bookings are incorrect, timeframes are altered and in some cases bookings and maintenance appointments are cancelled.

However, as a local small business – local garages cannot afford to make the same mistakes as they rely heavily on local business and referrals. A local business is more likely to go out of their way to ensure that you receive the best service possible, for example car body repairs in Milton Keynes because they know that it could lead to further business.

Industry professionals that need to keep their vehicles on the road need reliability. Driving instructors will need to ensure that their vehicles are well maintained and any appointments are kept to so that they can provide their driving lessons.

#5 Better Communication

Contacting a national garage and trying to speak to the exact engineer that worked on your car can be frustrating and very difficult. However, in smaller garages, the chances of the owner getting his hands dirty and involved on a daily basis are quite high.

As a result of that, if you needed to speak to the person that completed the repair to your vehicle at a local car service station – you probably will do.


A local garage will be easier to contact and travel to. In some cases you may even be able to get a courtesy car included within your price depending on the availability.

National garages do have a lot of finances to cover. Small car garages will be able to offer significantly cheaper services, as there is less to cover.

If your vehicle needs a quick repair – a local engineer will be able to contact local suppliers due to their knowledge of the area that you live in. They may even be able to source and fit a part the same day.

The chances of a local car service station cancelling your booking at the last minute are unlikely. They need the repeat business that any referral will provide and will go out of their way to get everything completed for you.

If you want to contact the exact technician or engineer that completed the work on your car during its annual MOT test in Milton Keynes – then you are likely to be able to. Something that is significantly unlikely when you use a national garage.

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