There is a range of customisations you can make to your vehicle to make it that little bit better. We go through all the different ways you can customise your own car and everything you will need to know about doing so.

How can you customise your own car?

Before you go ahead and make any changes to your vehicle, you should always check with your insurance company to ensure your policy covers you. Modifications and customisation are often used not only by boy racers but those who are looking to improve the overall driving experience as well as certain aspects of their vehicles such as fuel economy.

Modifications to your car can often mean a higher premium; not all modifications will cause an increase to your premium, but it is vital that you do as much research as possible before having it done to your car. If you are not careful when it comes to modifications you could void your insurance premium which would be incredibly annoying and dangerous if you were ever in a car accident. Statistically, those who drive a higher performance vehicle are more likely to be in a crash which is why any modification you do make is significant to your insurance premium.

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Modification and customisation the exterior

  • Spoilers – help to provide better handling and control when you are traveling at high speed. They can also completely change the appearance of your vehicle. To ensure your spoilers are fitted safely, it must be secure with no sharp edges. If it hinders your view in any way, it must be taken off.
  • Lights – if you are wanting to go for the fast and furious vibe why not consider installing neon lighting to the inside and outside of your vehicle. If you are going to be putting lighting on your car, you need to ensure the tubing is not showing as this illegal and you could receive a fine. We would also like to note that if you are thinking about changing the colour of your headlights, it is a legal obligation for you to keep them as they are. All front facing headlights must remain white or yellow, while rear lights must stay red.
  • Tinted Windows – are another modification which is highly popular, however, this is another modification which you need to be careful with. If you decide to tint them too dark or do the incorrect windows, it could be illegal. You are allowed to tint the rear side windows and windscreen. However, your front windows must be clear to ensure optimum visibility.
  • Wheels and tyres – altering your wheels and tyres can make a dramatic difference to the handling of your car. If you are looking to make changes to your wheels and tyres, we always recommend taking a look at prefered wheels stated by the manufacturer of the vehicle. When you do come to fitting the wheels, you must ensure there is enough room between the wheel and the body of the vehicle. This will ensure there is enough room between the suspension and will also prevent the car’s wheels from being damaged when turning corners.
  • Car Wraps – are a great way of changing the colour of your vehicle or giving it a unique design. If you do not want to respray the car fully, then a car wrap is a great option as they only last up to 7 years. If you are looking to have your car wrapped, we recommend going to The Vehicle Wrapping Centre.spoiler

    ECU Remapping

    All modern cars today are a built with ECU which is an engine control unit, this unit can be described as the vehicle’s brain. It has a range of sensors which allow it to use the right quantity of fuel to provide the vehicle with an efficient fuel economy, performance and also emission control. When your first purchase a car the ECU will be programmed to what they believe to be the best for that specific vehicle. However, it isn’t always programmed to get the best performance or fuel economy.

    ECU Remapping in Milton Keynes allows you to change the ‘map’, so the vehicle works in the best way possible for you. During an ECU Remap, they might change the parameters of the map so your car can perform to the best of its ability but at a safe level.

    ECU Remapping will not only improve the engines power and torque figures, but it will also sharpen the response of the throttle and widen the power band. Another great benefit of looking at ECU remapping is it will save you a fair amount of money, as your car consumes less fuel.


    Lowering your vehicle is essentially bringing it closer to the ground, therefore lowering the centre of gravity. When you lower your vehicle, this can also improve your vehicles fuel economy as it reduces the aerodynamic drag. It can also be a great way of improving the handling of your car, especially if you are looking to take the car around a track. There are a couple of dangers to lowering your vehicle which includes:

    • The lowering of your vehicle can cause reduced traction when braking and increased tyre wear
    • The car may not be able to steer safely due to the steering geometry changing during lowering
    • A car that has been lowered may struggle with normal road obstacles such as ramps, potholes and hills
    • Shock absorbers will damage much quicker as they take more force
    • The ar may experience excessive wear on certain areas of the car such as suspension as well as steering systems

    lowered car

    Why have car modifications?

    Car modifications and customisation is a great way of getting the most out of your vehicle. With modifications, you can boost the performance and fuel economy to make your car that bit more powerful. Customisations allow you to make your car personal and unique to you. Some customisations you do need to be careful and make sure that what you are doing is legal. We also recommend talking to your insurance provider before making any changes to your car as they can void your policy.

    Let us know what modifications or customisation you have made to your car!

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