Suppose you’re a new driver or have recently purchased your first vehicle and need a quick answer to the question, ‘How often should you service your car?’ In that case, our experts at our car servicing centre in Milton Keynes are here to help.

We understand that if you’re new to driving or do not know much about your car, it is challenging to wrap your head around topics such as car servicing and MOTs; this is why we have compiled a comprehensive guide on car servicing to quickly get you back on your feet and help you to keep your car in full working order.

How Often Should You Service Your Car? A Unit 18 Guide

Just like us, our cars need regular check-ups to stay in top condition, and regular servicing is one key component of this. In this article, we’ll explore why taking your car for servicing isn’t just a choice but a must-do for every car owner. Join us as we break down the basics of car maintenance, uncover the reasons behind it, and discover the benefits that come with keeping your vehicle in good health.

Car Being Repaired

What Is A Car Service?

A car service is a voluntary visit to your local garage to assess your vehicle. Unlike an MOT, they do not have a legal focus and instead contain a broad investigation of the car’s overall condition and health, paying close attention to areas such as wear and tear, brake and oil levels.

Our experts at our car servicing centre in Milton Keynes can use their extensive knowledge to identify any problems and provide necessary advice for repairs or replacement parts you may need to improve the overall performance and longevity of your vehicle. By addressing and fixing issues before they escalate, we can ensure a complete service that enables smooth operation, contributes to the resale value and market appeal of your vehicle, and ensures further security and safety.

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What Does A Car Service Include?

What is checked during your car service depends on the garage you attend and the type of service you pay for. All service types will involve apparent, visual checks of your car, such as any damage to your car’s body, and manual checks, like your brakes and gearbox. Additionally, if you have a hybrid or electric vehicle, you will also have a check on your charging port, cables and connections.

A few common elements that will typically be checked during a car service include:

  • Engine oil and oil filter: Confirming proper lubrication for the engine’s smooth operation
  • Lights, tyres, bodywork and exhausts: Scanning external components for functionality and safety
  • Brakes and steering: Ensuring the braking system and steering components which guarantees optimal performance
  • Fluid and coolant levels: Making sure the car has all essential fluids, such as brake fluid and coolant
  • Suspension: Assessing the suspension system to maintain ride comfort and stability
  • Car battery: Verifying the battery in the car is in good condition, which helps to avoid any unexpected breakdowns

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If you’re looking for an interim, full or major car service in Milton Keynes, please do not hesitate to contact our team. With more than 20 years of combined experience, we ensure a smooth process to save time, money and hassle, keeping your car in full working order for as long as possible.

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Is A Car Service A Legal Requirement?

Unlike an MOT in Milton Keynes, car servicing, while highly recommended, is not a legal requirement. It is entirely optional and is up to the owner of the car to schedule them.

While an MOT ensures you meet strict, specific, and essential safety measures that guarantee you can still drive on the road, car servicing addresses more minor issues. However, ensuring your car is running smoothly is still crucial, as even minor issues can escalate into further significant problems, ultimately affecting your vehicle’s overall safety and performance and decreasing its resale value.

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How Often Should I Service My Car?

Manufacturers typically advise scheduling in your service every 10,000 to 20,000 miles, which is a range that depends on the type of car you have. Garages also usually offer an interim service, a less comprehensive version of a full service designed to be carried out around every six months or once you’ve passed the 6,000-mile mark.

Keep note that with time, components of the vehicle will undoubtedly experience wear and tear, which can significantly affect the performance of your car. By adhering to these advised servicing schedules, you can not only ensure you keep the best functioning vehicle possible but also notice any potential difficulties that may occur when overlooking routine maintenance.

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When Is My Car Service Due?

Most modern cars have a service indicator already built into the vehicle, which acts as a helpful reminder of when your upcoming maintenance check is. It takes into account the time and mileage since your last service, which offers a convenient and effective way to know when your vehicle is due for its next checkup.

Our experts also recommend that you take a look into your car’s handbook for specific details and guidance. This approach provides all the comprehensive information you require about your recommended servicing and can help you make an informed decision on when and what service to get for your car.

When planning to bring your car in for a service, our experts are always prepared to give you their full, undivided attention and help you get you and your vehicle back on track. With over 20 years of combined experience, our specialists have a wealth of knowledge that is bound to leave you feeling confident in the services we offer! Contact us now for more information.

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How To Check Car Service History

Maintaining the entire history of your car servicing is not only a matter of ownership responsibility but also significantly impacts the resale value when it comes time to sell your car. If you have a full service history, it can act as proof of how well you have treated your car, and potential buyers will usually use this to understand overall health and performance.

When searching the market for a used car, checking the history is crucial to finding a well-looked-after and safe vehicle. If there are any absences in the information or irregularities in it, it could be a red flag and indicate potential unforeseen issues. Nevertheless, if you can access the vehicle handbook, it will have a detailed log of any previous services or repairs carried out. The mileage at the time of each service is also recorded as a helpful reminder for any future servicing your car may need.

However, suppose you do not have access to the handbook. In that case, we recommend contacting the garage previously used for servicing, as garages typically keep records of past services in online databases or even have paper copies. They will be able to provide you with a thorough account of the vehicle’s servicing history. If gaps in history are noticed after buying the car, we recommend contacting the previous owner for any missing information. However, if this proves challenging, opt for the alternative route of checking the MOT history online. By entering the vehicle’s number plate and 11-digit V5C number gathered from the logbook, you can retrieve the MOT details, usually carried out in the same garage as the car’s previous servicing.

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Keeping Your Vehicle In Full Working Order

Now that we have given you all the information you need on car servicing, you should be able to come on down to our car servicing centre in Milton Keynes to have your car checked for any issues or irregularities that may be affecting it. Our expert will conduct an extensive check on the vehicle and ensure it meets industry standards, enhancing your driving experience and car aesthetic, so make sure to get in touch now to schedule in your car service today!

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