For many youngsters now they probably have no recollection of their 90’s road trips as young children, but they were the days when it all happened. You may be thinking everyone always says it was better back in the day but we are about to tell you why 90’s road trip vacations were so great!

What defined a 90’s road trip vacation?

Do you ever remember going on family holiday in Britain where you would be stuck in the car for hours on end travelling to a caravan park that you only new was going to be bad weather but secretly a lot of fun?


Many of us still do it now, but back in the day, the car would have a defined set of albums that everyone would sing along to. This would generally consist of three main cassette tapes that would be played on repeat but would never get on your nerves. Some 90’s classics we still love today include:

  • Britney Spears
  • The Fugees
  • Madonna
  • The Notorious BIG
  • The Prodigy

girls on a road trip

Getting lost

Back in the 90’s sat navs and mobile devices with maps weren’t a thing! Which meant a good old UK roadmap was purchased so you could make your way which often resulted in your parents thinking they were following the right direction, but you ended up somewhere completely different.

There would be nothing worse than getting lost because you knew it would take ten times longer to get anywhere but we would trudge along anyway, and everyone in the car would remain happy.


Before moms and Haribo were a thing, you would have what is known to the average British nana as pear drops. To make the trip that bit better you would sit tucking into your hard boiled sweets which are more like the most boring sweets to ever roam the earth.

However, the only good thing about this is there was often less mess inside the car. Whereas nowadays we often sit and absolutely overeat in our vehicles which can often leave stains and bad odours.

Dad thinking he’s a mechanic

Did anyone else’s dad think he was a mechanic even though he had never fixed a car in his life? I think every road trip dad has this mindset.

One thing that simply cannot be helped is when something goes wrong with the car. Compared to the 90’s we believe people are more informed on the importance of the car servicing in Milton Keynes. If you go on a road trip now, you hopefully won’t have your dad covered in oil!

reading a map

Our top tips for taking a road trip

A 90’s road trip often meant that you were not prepared so we’re going to tell you how you can make your road trip just as iconic but also a lot safer.

Always have a car service in Milton Keynes or complete a home service before you leave, there is nothing worse than only getting an hour in and finding something is wrong with the vehicle. Another thing to think about is whether you have a spare tyre some cars do not always come with one. We recommend always having a spare tyre in your vehicle even if it is just a space saver, you can get most car makes and model tyres from

Give your vehicle a good clean

There is probably nothing worse than having to sit in the car for hours on end in a filth pit. Give your car a good deep clean before you go, the new Dyson v6 handheld vacuum is great for getting all those dog hairs and crumbs stuck into carpet and back seat.

Make sure you have all relevant documents

If there was anything to happen to you on your road trip such as an accident it is always important for you to have the right information on you. This means driving licence and insurance documents. We also recommend signing up for a roadside break down service if this is not included in your insurance policy.

Always make sure you have ways to communicate

Make sure you communicate your whereabouts to family and friends. Send them plenty of pictures but remember not to use them while driving. If you do have a phone, you will be using for maps always send your last location to a family member in case you do have an accident.

Another thing to think about is purchasing a phone holder if your car doesn’t have one built in. If you get caught using your phone while driving you could receive a number of penalty points on your licence along with a hefty fine.

Family on road trip

Make sure you rest

Driving for long periods of time can be tiring for anyone especially if you have screaming kids in the car. We always recommend every couple of hours make sure you have had something to drink and give your legs a good stretch. If you are feeling too tired to drive maybe take it in turns with a passenger that is allowed to drive your car. Alternatively, many services also have hotels which are fairly cheap to book.


While our 90’s road trips were so iconic, we can still replicate them. There are a few things you should always do before any road trip, and that’s tidying the car before you head off and ensuring it has had either a home care service or you have taken it to a highly qualified mechanic. You will want any issues with the vehicle to be taken care of before you leave as there is nothing worse than breaking down on the road.

Always have the right documents with you, you never know when you might need them. Even though for the many of us we tend to use either our phones or sat nav we still believe its extremely beneficial for you to have a UK roadmap with you at all times.

Make sure you have water and snacks to keep you going, keep yourself hydrated at all times as this will make you less tired and more alert.

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