As part of the car, we often do not think about much due to it is not directly in our sight, the underside of your car is one of the most delicate parts which need a little care from time to time. While there not nessicarily much you can do to the underside of your vehicle to protect it from damage while travelling along the road, there are a few things you can do to keep the underside of your car in a better condition. Here we run through a couple of our top tips on how you can protect it.

How to take care of the underside of your vehicle

Driving your vehicle during the winter can make the underside of the car more prone to damage and rusting. Unfortunately, during the winter months, there is a considerable amount of salt and dirt on the roads, driving in these types of conditions means that your car can often have these types of substances not only on the bodywork but also underneath the vehicle which is a part of the vehicle we rarely care for. Read on to find out a few ways you can improve your vehicle and help prevent any further damage to the underside.


Making sure your vehicle gets a good clean can mean your more likely to get rid of all that salt that has attached itself to the vehicle. Cleaning is often neglected during the winter months as people often assume it will get dirty really quickly, while it most likely will the build-up of dirt and salt can be really damaging to your vehicle. The bodywork comes into contact with a wide range of contaminants that cannot always be seen. Scheduling a regular wash can ensure your vehicle is kept not only in good condition but also prevents the car from having long-lasting damage. If your not sure of the best way to clean your vehicle, why not take a read of How to wash your car, over on Auto Express.

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Prevent and treat rust

If you see any type of rust forming on your vehicle, then you will want to make sure that it is being treated properly. Rust can be fairly damaging to your vehicle, as it will often eat away at the metal work. It can also have a massive impact on whether you pass your MOT or not. The entire point of taking your car to an MOT testing centre in Milton Keynes is to see whether the car is safe and roadworthy. With rust building up on the underside of your vehicle your car can be deemed as unsafe.

Most newer models of vehicles will have the underneath side of the car galvanised. Which means the car has had a protective coating applied such as a zinc layering to prevent it from damaging. It also provides it with a much longer lifespan. If you have an older vehicle you can still have this coating applied, we recommend getting it done if you can as it will give your car a new lease of life. It also means when it comes to selling the car, if it is a bit older it is less likely to have undetected damage on the underside of the car. You can either take your vehicle to a garage that provides this surface, or you can do it at home, we recommend taking a look at Dinitrol, as not only do they provide the product but they also provide a clear step by step guide on exactly what you need to do.

Protect your car

Keep your car protected during the winter months, if you have a garage we highly recommend keeping your car stored in it when it is not in use. Not only does it mean your car is less likely to be stolen, but it also keeps it cleaner, especially if it has been raining or snowing. Another way of protecting your vehicle is to purchase a car cover. There are a number of different covers you can go for; your ultimate goal is to ensure the car is well protected. Every Car Covered offer a range of different car covered in a number of materials all of which will protect your car from the damaging elements.

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Not many people have heard about this tip, but it does work. It can be a little tricky, so you may need a few tools to be able to do this. Bu using an adhesive lubricant on the paintwork or underside of your vehicle provides it with a pressure-resistant lubricant meaning it is less likely to wear over time and also less likely to corrode.


You may not want to spend the money on a service, but they do a world of good for your vehicle for so many different reasons. Taking your car for a car service in Milton Keynes means that the mechanic will be able to detect if there are any potential damages to the underside of the vehicle which you may not be aware of. It also allows you to prevent anything from happening in the future. As you are unable to see the underneath of your vehicle, you may not always know when there is something wrong, by taking your vehicle in for an annual service you can ensure your car is safe and in good condition. It also helps when you do take your car for an MOT, as anything that could have caused you to fail can be detected during the service.

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Under your car

The underside of your car can take a significant amount of damage and deterioration, after all, it does get covered in salt, dirt and grime especially if you are driving the car a lot during the winter months. Take good care of your car by getting it cleaned regularly and ensuring it is covered when it is not in use. Taking it for an annual service will also help the car, it can detect any potential problems as well as giving your vehicle a little tender loving care.

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