dooka BLEED Fallout Remover - 500ml Unit18 Shop

dooka BLEED Fallout Remover – 500ml

dooka BLEED Fallout Remover is a ph-balanced, fast acting iron fallout remover that safely and effectively removes fallout without damaging alloy wheels or vehicle paintwork. Buy o...

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dooka GLASS vg Car Glass Cleaner 500ml Unit18 Shop

dooka GLASS vg Glass Cleaner – 500ml

dooka GLASS vg Car Glass Cleaner has been specially formulated to remove e-cigarette vaping oils that many traditional glass cleaners struggle to remove. GLASS vg...

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dooka OSHA Wash Pad Unit18 Shop

dooka OSHA Wash Pad

DOOKA OSHA WASH PADS Forget traditional sponges! The dooka OSHA Wash Pad is the absolute daddy when it comes to removing grub and grime from your car’s bodywork! Measuring 7&...

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dooka OSHA Wheel Mitt Unit18 Shop

dooka OSHA Wheel Mitt

If you love your car, you probably want to ensure it always looks its shiny best. Luckily for you, the dooka OSHA Wheel Mitt makes the business of making your wheels look factory f...

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dooka WASH Shampoo - 500ml Unit18 Shop

dooka WASH Shampoo – 500ml

dooka WASH Shampoo's foaming ultra-slick formula leave a streak-free, smooth finish and also reduces the risks of inflicting fine scratches and swirl marks during...

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dooka WHEELS Wheel Shampoo Unit18 Shop

dooka WHEELS Wheel Shampoo – 500ml

dooka WHEELS is a is a ph-Neutral maintenance wheel shampoo specially designed for maintained, sealed and sensitive wheel surfaces -  such as polished and chrome finishes. Buy onl...

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