Purchase ODK Arctic Snow Foam Unit18 Shop

ODK Arctic Snow Foam

ODK Arctic Snow Foam is a highly concentrated snow foam that helps soften and remove dirt and grime on your vehicle. You can buy it online here in the Unit18 Automotive Shop....

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ODK Cabin Interior Dressing Unit18 Shop

ODK Cabin Interior Dressing

ODK Cabin Interior Dressing – 500ml Is you car’s cabin in need of a bit of TLC? ODK Cabin Interior Dressing is just what you need to restore that ‘new car’...

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ODK Encore Interior Cleaner Unit18 Shop

ODK Encore Interior Cleaner

ODK Encore Interior Cleaner is a powerful all-purpose cleaner that's suitable for all interior surfaces of your vehicle - from fabric to plastic. It also removes bacteria, stubborn...

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ODK Entourage Quick Detailer Unit18 Shop

ODK Entourage Quick Detailer

ODK's Entourage Quick Detailer is supremely versatile and can be used on paint, wheels, glass, trim, metal and interior plastics. It offers unbeatable protection against the elemen...

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ODK JET Car Shampoo Unit18 Shop

ODK JET Car Shampoo

ODK JET CAR SHAMPOO – 500ml A highly-concentrated PH neutral car shampoo that makes cleaning your car effortless. ODK Jet car shampoo has been developed by luxury vehicle det...

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ODK Optics Car Glass Cleaner Unit18 Shop

ODK Optics Car Glass Cleaner

ODK Optics Glass Cleaner is a high-performance glass cleaner developed especially for use on car windows. It also includes 'Anti Fog' technology that aids in eliminating fogged-up...

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ODK Revere Ceramic Wax

ODK Revere Ceraminc Wax is the latest car wax from ODK, and up to date the best wax ODK have ever created; offering glass-like finish and unbeatable protection to your car's paintw...

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ODK Rotate Wheel Cleaner Concentrate - Unit18 Shop

ODK Rotate Wheel Cleaner

ODK Rotate Wheel Cleaner Concentrate – 500ml Keep your precious alloy wheels looking pristine with the fantastic ODK Rotate Wheel Cleaner! ODK Rotate is a mildly-alkaline whe...

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