Stage 1 Brake Upgrade

Stage 1 Brake Upgrade

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Stage 1 Brake Upgrade – Volkswagen Golf MK7 R

If you are increasing the power of your car, we recommend that the brakes are also upgraded. If you’re looking for something for track use, please see the other upgrade options on the site or call and speak to one of our advisors.

Our kit includes some basic braking upgrades designed with performance in mind. Upgrade your standard discs to the factory GTI Clubsport discs, offering greater heat dissipation and improved
aesthetics over the standard equipment. Pads make the biggest difference when it comes to improving braking.

The Ferodo DS2500 is a tried, tested and trusted compound perfectly suitable for road and light track use. Stainless steel brake hoses will ensure a sharp reaction when you hit the pedal, eliminating the ability for the hoses to expand under extreme conditions and stop the pedal feeling “spongey”.

What’s in the box?

  • Genuine VAG Clubsport Discs
  • Your choice of pad
  • Braided Brake Lines