dooka WHEELS wheel shampoo 5LT

dooka WHEELS wheel shampoo 5LT

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Product Description

dooka WHEELS is a ph-Neutral maintenance wheel shampoo.  WHEELS is specially designed for maintained, sealed and sensitive wheel surfaces such as polished and chrome. Here at dooka, we thought it best to design our own wheel shampoo for sensitive ands sealed wheels. This isn’t just a shampoo with added wheel cleaner or just some wheel cleaner with an aded foaming agent dooka have developed this product from the ground up to be a dedicated maintenance wheel shampoo/cleaner.

You can use as a dedicated wheel cleaner, up your dilution by adding distilled water to the shampoo in a trigger spray bottle and use as a normal wheel cleaner if your wheels are dirtier than normal.

This is for a 5L bottle of dooka WHEELS – Be aware no spray gun nose is included with this size.