Aircon Regas in Milton Keynes from £47

Importance of Aircon Recharging

A lot of drivers are booking into garages to have their air conditioning recharged in Milton Keynes, and for two main reasons; One – more than two thirds of modern vehicles come with an air conditioning system installed. And two – dealership garages are not doing a good enough job at checking aircon system performance.

Throughout the year, your vehicle could use up to 15% of its air conditioning refrigerant – considerably slashing its performance and increasing your fuel costs. Book an aircon regas in Milton Keynes with Unit18 to ensure that your AC is fully recharged, and that all of the necessary components are working as they should, safely.

Our aircon mechanics use the latest regassing software with every appointment. We will replace and recharge all of the lubricants, seals and refrigerant so that you can get the most from your air conditioning unit. Alternatively, you can have your aircon regassed during your annual car service.

Benefits of an Aircon Regas

  • Significantly improved air conditioning performance
  • Better fuel efficiency, with less fuel used to run
  • Reduce the risk of an aircon system repair or worse, replacement
  • Can be completed on site, while you wait in less than 45 minutes
  • Available from just £47 + VAT
aircon regas in Milton Keynes

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