Performance Torque Software

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    What Is Performance Torque Software?

    Most vehicles, without a doubt, would benefit from an ECU Remap. But finding one of high quality is vitally important. Unit18 only partner with the very best companies to ensure that our customers only receive software of an excellent standard. Performance Torque are one of those companies, allowing our clients to enhance their vehicle with an impeccably developed calibration.

    By using Performance Torque Software your vehicle will be vastly enhanced. Benefits include superb horsepower and torque gains, improved engine response, reduced turbo lag and acceleration times. Along with a smoother delivery across the rev-range, and speed limiter removal (for motorsport use only). With three different stage options available, we can offer this service for any vehicle.

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    Performance Torque software starts from £295 for pre 2009 vehicles and £345 for vehicles after 2009. To discuss software options and booking with us, please contact us.
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    Stages of Performance Torque Software

    Stage One

    The first stage has been developed specifically for vehicles with no other hardware modifications.

    Stage Two

    If your vehicle has had basic hardware modifications, such as intercoolers, this stage is for you.

    Stage Three

    This is for vehicles that have received more involved hardware modifications, such as upgraded turbos.

    "After hearing so many great things about the Performance Torque ECU software, I really wanted to give it a go. I went for stage 2 and cannot believe the difference. The upgrades were amazing and the difference in my car’s performance was instantly noticeable."