Racingline RBF312 Brake Fluid 500ml | Suitable for all makes and models

Racingline RBF312 Brake Fluid 500ml | Suitable for all makes and models

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Racingline RBF312 Brake Fluid – 500ml

Racingline RBF312 Brake Fluid is an essential upgrade to your vehicle; improving braking performance whether you’re on the daily commute or hitting the track!

The brake fluid in your car is the unsung hero of your car’s braking system and is a non-compressible liquid. Operating under huge pressures and extreme temperatures (especially during track use), it’s responsible for moving the various components of your car’s braking system when you press down on your brake pedal.

Being an essential component of your car means your car’s brake fluid is always in constant use and, as a result, generally needs changing every 2-3 years under normal driving conditions. Racingline’s RBF312 Brake Fluid makes the perfect easy upgrade as it has a higher dry boiling point of 312 degrees centigrade, making it one of the highest specification brake fluids on the market.

The higher boiling point means that Racingline’s RBF312 Brake Fluid means its less likely to boil under continued harder use – this ensures your brakes continue to operate at their peak efficiency and give a firmer pedal feel even under extreme conditions.

What vehicles is this brake fluid suitable for?

This brake fluid is suitable for all makes and models of vehicles, and is also a recommended addition to any brake upgrade kit.


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