RacingLine Stag 3 Brake Kit 355MM for MQB Cars

RacingLine Stag 3 Brake Kit 355MM for MQB Cars

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RacingLine Stag 3 Brake Kit 355MM for MQB Cars

All the power in the world is next to useless if your stock brakes aren’t up to it! The Racingline 355mm is the go to option for MQB cars.

Racingline have designed these brakes from decades of motorsport experience. Thiis kit is the next evolution of the ever impressive RacingLine brake kits.

We have run this kit on several of our own track cars over the years and are constantly amazed by the performance and the quality of the RacingLine brake kits.

Full Install Kit Included

Everything you need for the installation of the brake kit is included: including discs, calipers, mounting brackets, fast road pads, braided steel lines. Simply bolt-on – then drive!

  • Monoblock Front Brake Calipers (Pair)
  • Caliper Mounting Brackets (Pair)
  • Full Mounting Bolt Kit
  • Braided Steel Front Brake Line Set
  • Sport Brake Pad Set (Fast Road Use)
  • 355mm Fully Floating 2 Piece Brake Discs (Pair)

Lose Weight

Saving unsprung weight is really important on a performance car. All those heavy masses on the ‘road-side’ of your springs – the wheels, tyres, suspension arms and of course brakes – make a massive difference to the car’s responses as it turns and handles bumps in the road, differences you can really feel as a driver.

Racingline have spent an incredible amount of development and design time making sure that their Performance Brake Kit cuts as much weight out as possible. The Monoblock aluminium construction is the key to this saving – a single piece calliper is stronger, stiffer and can, therefore, be lighter than equivalent 2- piece calipers.


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