dooka OSHA Wash Pad

dooka OSHA Wash Pad


Product Description


Forget traditional sponges! The dooka OSHA Wash Pad is the absolute daddy when it comes to removing grub and grime from your car’s bodywork!

Measuring 7×7″, dooka Wash Pads are not your average wash pad! Made from some of the finest lambs hides that are not available to anyone, dooka OSHA wash pads feature a double-sided ultra-deep lambs wool pile that safely captures dirt and grime and draws it safely away from exterior surfaces during the washing process. Not only does this make washing your car easy, but also significantly reduces the chances of inflicting fine scratches and swirl marks on your precious paintwork.

If you truly want to maintain a showroom finish for your car, the dooka OSHA Wash Pad is genuinely the ONLY choice! For best results, use with dooka SI Coating Wash Shampoo!

How to look after your dooka OSHA Wash Pad

It’s important to thoroughly rinse your sheepskin pads with clean, cool water after each use and allow to air dry.

You can machine wash your dooka OSHA Wash Pad; but we advise that you either use a rinse cycle or a cool delicates/wool wash both with a gentle spin. We also recommend that:

  • Do not use biological detergents or conditioners when washing your dooka Wash Pad
  • Do not leave damp in a sealed bag (it will rot)
  • Do not use washing products with enzymes as these will attack and degrade the material
  • Do not blast with a pressure washer or use to foam up shampoo in a bucket
  • ONLY use to wash your vehicle!


dooka is an experienced and accomplished automotive detailer with over 20 years in vehicle detailing services. Based in Northampton, England, dooka provide premium detailing and consultation services – as well as a growing range of quality car care and detailing products – which you can view here in our shop.


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