dooka WASH si coating shampoo 500ml

dooka WASH si coating shampoo 500ml


Product Description

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dooka WASH si is an alkaline shampoo that has been specially created for cleaning coated vehicles. WASH si is a high foaming and highly lubricated shampoo formula that cleans the coating by breaking down road and traffic film whilst being sensitive to the coating, free rinsing leaving no residues, gloss enhancers or waxes to affect the coating surface. WASH si helps keep your coatings self cleaning properties for as long as possible.

For best results, dilute between 500 – 800:1 (or just add a glug) depending on water hardness, use warm water and test the dilution. The water should feel slick between your fingers. You can then use your pressure washer in your bucket to foam up, removing your dooka wash pad first.