dooka WHEELS Wheel Shampoo 1LT

dooka WHEELS Wheel Shampoo 1LT


Product Description

dooka WHEELS Wheel Shampoo – 1 litre

Give your dirty wheels a professional-grade clean with the fantastically effective dooka WHEELS wheel shampoo!

This wheel cleaner is a ph-Neutral maintenance wheel shampoo specially designed for maintained, sealed and sensitive wheel surfaces. this includes polished and chrome finishes.

Unlike some other wheel cleaners on the market, this isn’t just a shampoo with added wheel cleaner or foaming agent. dooka have specifically developed WHEELS Wheel Shampoo from the ground up to be a class-leading wheel cleaner; with unmatched performance on even the most heavily-soiled wheels. For best results, use with dooka’s OSHA Wheel Mitt!

Note, that this is the 1L bottle of dooka WHEELS – Be aware no spray gun nose is included with this size.  

How to Use This Product

You can use dooka WHEELS as a dedicated wheel cleaner by either dilution with distilled water to the shampoo in a trigger spray bottle for lightly soiled wheels, or simply apply directly neat if your wheels are dirtier than normal.

Note, that we don’t advise this product is applied to damaged, cracked or corroded alloy wheels.


dooka is an experienced and accomplished automotive detailer with over 20 years in vehicle detailing services. Based in Northampton, England, dooka provide premium detailing and consultation services – as well as a growing range of quality car care and detailing products – which you can view here in our shop.


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