ODK Arctic Snow Foam

ODK Arctic Snow Foam


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ODK Arctic Snow Foam – 500ml

Winter is the time of year when cars are often at their dirtiest; with mud, road salt and grime all playing their part! They also make the job of keeping your pride and joy shiny a real challenge – luckily, ODK’s Arctic Snow Foam can make the job effortless.

ODK Arctic Snow Foam is a highly concentrated snow foam that helps soften and remove all the dirt and grime that accumulates on your vehicle. When applied using a snow foam lance or pump sprayer, it helps break down and remove hard to shift dirt; priming your vehicle’s bodywork for washing and helping reduce tiny scratches and swirl marks caused by embedded dirt particles.

ODK’s Arctic Snow Foam is also designed to be pH neutral and not harmful to the environment. Also, it will not affect any wax or sealant already protecting the surface of your vehicle.

How To Use ODK Arctic Snow Foam

Simply add 30-80ml to your pressure washer’s snow foam lance and top up the rest with cool, clean water. For best results, apply to bodywork out of direct sunlight and then leave to soak for 5-10 minutes (although on hot days, maybe less than 5 minutes depending on the temperature). Then, pressure wash off, making sure you do NOT leave the product to dry on the surface.

About ODK

ODK are one of the UK’s and Europe’s most trusted and respected producers of luxury car detailing products. Their bespoke waxes, snow foam and cleaning products are favoured by the car detailing community and they also work closely with some of Europe’s biggest brands.

Based here in Milton Keynes, they’ve been developing and producing their bespoke range of luxury car care products since 2012.


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