ODK JET Car Shampoo

ODK JET Car Shampoo


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A highly-concentrated PH neutral car shampoo that makes cleaning your car effortless.

ODK Jet car shampoo has been developed by luxury vehicle detailers ODK and has unmatched cleaning performance. It’s formula is also highly lubricated; which helps make cleaning effortless and supporting a smooth, streak-free finish. ODK Jet Car Shampoo is also wax and sealant-safe and will not affect already-applied protective layers (such as paint sealer), whilst it also does not contain any fillers, gloss enhancers or wax additives.

How to use ODK JET Car Shampoo

Simply add 1-3 capfuls of the shampoo into a 10l bucket and fill with warm or cold water. Then ideally, apply onto pre-rinsed bodywork using a clean, soft sponge or wash mitt. Once clean, simply rinse away – but always ensure it is fully rinsed off to avoid and don’t leave it to dry on surfaces.

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