ODK Rotate Wheel Cleaner

ODK Rotate Wheel Cleaner


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ODK Rotate Wheel Cleaner Concentrate – 500ml

Keep your precious alloy wheels looking pristine with the fantastic ODK Rotate Wheel Cleaner!

ODK Rotate is a mildly-alkaline wheel cleaner that effortlessly removes dirt, grime and stubborn brake dust from the surface of alloy wheels. It’s also coloured red with a fresh rhubarb scent.

How to use ODK Rotate

Simply add an amount to water and apply to your wheels and agitate with a soft brush or sponge to start removing ingrained dirt and brake dust. The amount of Wheel Cleaner you add to water will depend on how dirty your wheels are, but the following should act as a guide:


  • 1:5 – Heavily soiled wheels
  • 1:10 – Medium soiled wheels
  • 1:20 – Heavily soiled wheels


Like most alloy wheel cleaners, it’s recommended that this product is not used on heavily damaged, cracked or corroded wheels.


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