Superpro Rear Anti-Roll Bar Kit | For all 4wd MQB Models

Superpro Rear Anti-Roll Bar Kit | For all 4wd MQB Models

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Superpro Rear Anti-Roll Bar Kit | For all 4wd MQB Models

The Superpro Rear Anti Roll Bar Kit makes a fantastic upgrade for any MQB 4-wheel drive vehicles; offering improved handling and roadholding for more aggressive driving styles.

Your anti-roll bars pretty much do exactly what it says on the tin! They help reduce body roll when cornering and help your vehicle stay planted on the road when maneuvering at speed.

Superpro’s rear anti-roll bar upgrade is a more substantial component compared to the factory-fitted option on many VW-Audi Group 4wd vehicles. It is also available in two sizes:

  • The 22mm anti-roll bar – recommended for every day road users as a mild but noticeable upgrade.
  • The 24mm anti-roll bar – recommended for more aggressive fast road users as a very noticeable upgrade.

Key Features of Superpro’s Rear Anti-Roll Bar Kit:

  • Available in either 22mm / 24mm dDiameter
  • Custom polyurethane powder coating to prevent corrosion
  • Increased rear torsional rigidity, leading to improved handling
  • Reduces Understeer and improves cornering performance
  • Supplied with a pair of Poly Urethane Bushings, a more robust alternative to standard rubber bushes which can perish and fail.

Vehicle fitments

The Superpro Rear Anti Roll Bar kit can be fitted to a number of VWG 4-wheel drive vehicles; including:

AudiA38V (2012 – 2020)2.0TDI (150ps)
AudiA38V (2012 – 2020)2.0TDI (184ps)
AudiA38V (2012 – 2020)2.0TFSI (223ps)
AudiA38V (2012 – 2020)S3 2.0TFSI (310ps)
SeatLeon5F Estate (2015 – 2020)2.0TSI Cupra 4×4
VolkswagenGolfMK7 (2012 – 2016)R 2.0TSI (300ps)
VolkswagenGolfMK7 Estate (2013 – 2016)R 2.0TSI (300ps)
VolkswagenGolfMK7.5 (2017 – 2020)2.0TSI R (310ps)
VolkswagenGolfMK7.5 Estate (2017 – 2020)2.0TSI R



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